It has long been assumed that the destructive element of human nature was the intrinsic selfishness that it partly comprises. Koestler and others have suggested that it is not the self-assertive aspect of man's nature which is responsible for all the ugliness, but the integrative tendencies which tie every human into some form of hierarchy, whether it be the clan, tribe, nation, religion, party, institution, etc. It is man's submission to and obedience of authority or at least a higher order, and not an aspect of his individual selfishness, that results in all the debacles of history.

I find that, without the proper lubricants, being social isn't terribly meaningful to me.

I very much doubt that there will ever be true peace on Earth, at least as long as humans are around. Hate and violence tend always to beget more of the same. There will always be troublemakers, there will always be economic inequality, and there will always be a desire for what's on the other side of the fence.

We can do without this "real man" bullshit. Real men are scared little boys.

The only time we are able to escape our social roles is when we are drunk or high. Hence the ubiquitous nature of these substances, legal and not.

On some level, there is real genius in each and every human. The tragedy is that it is extremely unlikely that it will ever be tapped in any significant way, i.e. in significant numbers. And so the populations slumber.

Being in social situations is to perform. You are not necessarily acting, although you may be. You are performing. I have been performing in front of women for a long time and have gotten very little for my efforts. I am sick of social performances. The only time you don't have to perform is when you are with your immediate family or close friends, and even with them, sometimes it's not so clear-cut.

People don't really want to be famous. They think they want to be famous. If you took nine-tenths of the population, and suddenly magically thrust them into "the limelight," they would recoil in horror about how terrible it was. The remaining one-tenth or so is egotistical and narcissistic enough that they might actually like it, but because of that, they'd likely be led to ruin. Fame is not what it seems.

If nobody cared what other people thought, there would be chaos. Society is built on caring what other people think.

Ours is a planet demented with lust. The intensity of our sexual wants is no lesser than that of a dog or a jackrabbit, however dignified we fancy ourselves to be. And all this gets in the way of absolutely everything.

The human animal interacts between two poles, or contexts: as an individual, and as a member of a group. It is in this latter capacity that the major issues arise. As individuals, we all know that some people can be quite precious, at least at times. We also know that the great debacles of history -- and of the present -- arise out of group behavior. On an individual level, people may not be so bad. At a group level, we all act like scoundrels -- when we are not behaving psychotically.

Drugs and alcohol are absolutely a prerequisite for me to be meaningfully social. I'm great at being social, but without them, it's really pointless. I think it's probably pointless anyway.